Have you ever stopped to think about how the products you’re using affect the surfaces you’re cleaning? This isn’t something that the average person stops to ponder as they go throughout their cleaning routine, but it can make all the difference in the long run. For example, did you know that products containing high concentrations of isopropyl alcohol, like traditional store-bought wipes and cleaners, will damage finished wooden surfaces? Most of the time it will just mar the surface, but it has the ability to completely remove a stain or polished finish even in small quantities. Wood isn’t the only surface that you should be cautious of. Leather, colored fabrics, brass and copper, painted surfaces and even animal supplies are all surfaces that should be cleaned with caution.

In high traffic areas such as restaurants, hotels and schools, and even in lower traffic places, the last thing that you want to do is ruin any type of furniture or surface, especially something that’s used on a daily basis. Cleaning these surfaces everyday and cleaning them with the correct product is vital not only for health and safety reasons but also to keep your hard earned amenities in tip-top shape.

Colored Fabrics

A stain on any type of fabric can be a headache, right? Traditional cleaners have the reputation of bleaching fabrics and creating more of a problem than there was to start with. Nowadays people would rather just throw out the stained material and buy something new, but this just costs money, time and more frustration. HydrOxi Pro® cleaners don’t contain the bleaching agents used in most retail store-bought products. Instead, they use the power of hydrogen peroxide to lift and permanently remove stains without damaging more delicate surfaces like curtains, table clothes, employee uniforms, upholstery and so much more.


Side note: ask about how our employees use HydrOxi Pro® Concentrated Cleaner at home in the washing machine to help with tough stains and smells.


No one wants to sit on a stained and unkempt looking couch, chair or whatever you have sitting in your waiting room. There are only so many ways that you can clean that elegant leather surface without doing some serious and irreparable damage. Once again, the notorious alcohol added into those store-bought products is what’s to blame when you settle for traditional products. It penetrates the leather which can cause any leather stain to wipe away while also drying out the leather. This leaves the hide dry and will cause cracking and brittleness the more you continue to use harsh products.

HydrOxi Pro® is the safer alternative that won’t remove stains and finishes, but will get the job done the first time

Brass, Copper, Silver

Natural metals are easily corroded by products containing ammonia. Using harsh cleaners on these surfaces is never a good idea since they are porous and will tarnish and lose more of its shine after every cleaning. HydrOxi Pro® products do not contain any ammonia and are the safest alternative for cleaning surfaces such as door knobs, elevator button plates, faucets and more. 

Keeping this information in mind is great when you need to clean such surfaces multiple times a day; however, these metals all contain a special quality that allows them to naturally disinfect after certain timeframes. To find out more about this processs called the Oligodynamic Effect, click here.

man painting

Painted Surfaces

Not all painted surfaces can be treated the same way. Those that are high-gloss can withstand more abrasive cleaning than those that with a matte finish. Cleaning products with harsh solvents, quaternary ammonium and other strong chemicals tend to eat away at paint finishes and layers leaving behind visible streaks. HydrOxi Pro® products are a much safer alternative that will leave painted surfaces clean and looking like new.


Straying away from harsh cleaning products that contain bleach and chlorine has greatly contributed to the health and wellbeing of not only people, but their pets and other animals as well. Since these chemicals are heavy and fall to low-lying places, they’re affecting animals and pets more than people realize. This can lead to issues with their respiratory systems, eye sight and skin. Dogs and cats are also susceptible to problems with their digestive system since these chemicals leave behind sticky residues that can easily be picked up on their paws and digested later. HydrOxi Pro® products are by far the safest alternative for service animals, pets, other animals and their owners since these products are hydrogen peroxide and water based leaving behind no residue or harmful chemicals.

Finished & Unfinished Wood

Products containing harsh solvents and high alcohol content cause cloudy white stains on finished woods while unfinished wood fibers are weakened and damaged by these harsh chemicals. Often times, cleaning with bleach products will leave a cloudy white shadow instead of cleaning the stain. The HydrOxi Pro® formula contains hydrogen peroxide which helps debri, dirt, grime and stains bubble to the surface without damaging the wood. 

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