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Coffee is the key to happiness


Friends & Family

It really is all about family and friends, right? It is so important to spend time together building those strong ties that will help us navigate through the difficult times of life.  Creating memories is always good while sharing a cup of coffee.



Yes, Core roasts our own coffee just for you! We send a small gift of fresh coffee beans roasted every few days to our new customers and existing customers that are proven fans of it. It’s the freshest coffee and tastes great! We go the extra mile to make sure you are getting quality. It’s our small way of saying thank you and we appreciate you as a customer.

Brewing Recomendations

Grind coffee beans and use in a french press. A press creates a bold, rich flavor profile that can’t be beat! A pour over method is always a good choice, as well. For regular coffee makers, we recommend 3/4 cup to 1 cup of fresh coffee grounds per carafe of water (makes approximately 10 cups of coffee).

Our Favorite Beans

Papua New Guinea: Kiam Mill

ROAST: Medium for a mild full flavor

TASTE NOTES: Green tea, cane sugar, caramel, dark fruit


REGION: Jiwaka Province

ALTITUDE: 1,650 Meters

Grown by small-holder farmers average 500 trees per farm.

Harvest period for these coffees is March-August

The cherry used at the Kiam Mill is extremely selective and only ripe ‘picked on the day’ cherry is purchased. Cherry is either collected from regular farms and brought to the mill, or is delivered to the wet mill by a regular supply chain of farmers. 

Tanzania, Africa: Adventure Series

ROAST: Medium/City Roast

TASTE NOTES: Silky with notes of burgundy, pear and tangerine

PLANT VARIETAL: Bourbon, Typica

FARMERS: Tembo Coffee Cooperative

ALTITUDE: 1,400-2,000 Meters

Grown by small-holder farmers average 500 trees per farm.

Harvest period for these coffees is June-August. The Mbya region consists of roughly 400,000 small-holder farmers that own, on average 500 trees each. Many practice subsistence farming methods and all their coffee is handpicked. 

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

ROAST: Ranges from light to dark

TASTE NOTES: Juicy, fruity (blueberry & lemon), very clean and bright

PLANT VARIETAL: Ethiopian Heirloom

FARM: ECX Coffee

Altitude: 1,770-2,200 Meters

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is excellent high-altitude coffee with fragrant flowery notes, sweet spicy lower notes and a unique, distinctive full body taste and is widely considered to be the finest of the Ethiopian coffees. It has a great roast range from light to dark with excellent flavor. The washed processing produces what is termed as a clean cup. The benefit of clean cup is it allows the acidity in the coffee to really shine. 

Costa Rica: Tarrazu Hot Springs

ROAST: Medium for a mild full flavor

TASTE NOTES: Cocoa, nutty, stonefruit


Farmers: Tembo Coffee Cooperative

Altitude: 1,200-1,750 Meters

Grown by small-holder farmers average 300 trees per farm.

This coffee takes its name from a unique processing method that uses mineral-rich, volcanic spring water. This Tarrazu coffee starts with hand-picked cherries at the peak of ripeness. The cherries are delivered to the wet mill where they undergo a fermentation process with volcanic mineral water. During the fermentation process, the thermal spring water and wet parchment interact in a unique symbiosis. The hot water accelerates and enhances the mucilage removal resulting in a superior cup clarity.  Additionally, the natural minerals present in the spring water get absorbed by the coffee bean. When roasted, the minerals and natural acids fom the coffee create a wonderful and complex cup filled with the fruity flavors and spicy notes of pepper and black currant.

Uganda Mount Elgon

ROAST: Medium/City Roast

TASTE NOTES: Balance of sweetness, nutty and earthy

PLANT VARIETAL: Bourbon, Typica

FARMERS: Kapchorwa Region

ALTITUDE: 1,650-2,200 Meters

Grown by small-holder farmers average 300 trees per farm.

This African coffee ranks ight up there with the finest Kenyans. There are two kinds of African coffee in most people’s cafeworld: Ethiopian and Kenyan. And while these countries produce some of the world’s best known and loved coffees, venturing to other borders can produce wonderful results. This Uganda is just such a find. Its aroma is darker than an Ethiopian with a touch of Brazil nut that you can taste in the cup, but sweet and mild, and boasting a deep, earthy, woody mouthfeel. The body of the cup is fairly light, like most African coffees, but the flavor is surprisingly rich, with dark chocolate and delicious Brazil nut flavor dominating.

Jazblu Peaberry

ROAST: Medium for a mild full flavor

TASTE NOTES: Chocolate, graham cracker, walnut, rasin


REGION: Planalto de Bahia

ALTITUDE: 1,950 ft

Grown by Obadias Nascimento and Geraldo de Almeida Sinay

Harvest period for these coffees is in September and October. Ripe yellow and red catuai cherries are handpicked duing the day and taken to a washing station where they were de-pulped and left to rest in fermentation tanks (degomagem tanks) fo 12-15 hours then sundried the following morning. The Planalto de Bahia region is specialized and known for its fully washed poduction done via fermentation tanks. This process, combined with a unique terroir and special post-harvest process, results in a remarkable sensorial experience.

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