Core Products

Core Products is committed to providing excellent janitorial and sanitation products to clients in every industry.

Below are a few of the many industries we are proud to serve with excellent service and wow-worthy products:

Car Wash / Vehicle Dealerships

Core Products has the tools to help your automatic car wash or dealership raise the bar for excellence. Whether you are looking for products for car detailing or office cleanliness, you will find what you’re looking for at Core Products Our streak-free Unbelievable!® Glass Xtra Concentrate is easy on glass and metal, but tough on dirt and grime. And our Unbelievable!® Leather Magic® is perfect for detailing luxury vehicles with a leather interior. If you want to create an unforgettable experience for your customers, look no further than Core Products.

Construction / Agricultural

At Core, we understand that maintaining the life and functionality of your equipment is essential for providing a healthy and safe work environment. That’s why we provide exceptional products that will keep your machinery and equipment in perfect condition. Our Rust Spot’r® Rust Remover is an environmentally safer and healthier alternative to hydrochloric and phosphoric acids, and just as effective. Our Unbelievable!® Degreaser can remove grime, motor oil, and corrosive spots from your equipment. And our Green Logic™ Stainless Steel Cleaner will make your stainless steel like new again. Everything you need to keep your equipment and work environment clean and safe can be found at Core Products.

Education / Healthcare / Medical

Sanitation and safety are essential to a facility requiring close interactions between people, such as schools, hospitals, and doctors’ offices. Core Products has the most powerful green cleaners to meet all of your sanitation needs and requirements, including our heavy-duty Unbelievable!® Bathroom Cleaner and our Hydroxi Pro® Concentrated Cleaner. Need a strong stain remover for your scrubs or office uniforms? We’ve got that, too!

Warehousing / Distribution

Your office space, fleet vehicles, and warehouse floors, machinery, and restrooms will benefit from Core’s complete line of reliable and safe cleaning products. We have everything you need to maintain a fresh and healthy work environment. Try out our Green Logic™ Surfactant-based Degreaser for any hydrocarbon buildup such as grease, motor oil, or fuel, and our Unbelievable!® Bathroom Cleaner, which works miracles on glass surfaces, windows, stainless steel, chrome, polished metal, and much more!

Transportation / Emergency Services / Delivery Services

A fleet of delivery vehicles, transportation vehicles, or emergency vehicles can be difficult to maintain because they are essentially mobile offices. However, keeping your fleet, as well as your service shop and office space clean and healthy, is vital. At Core Products, we offer a wide range of cleaners that will keep your facility and your fleet fresh and beautiful. Try our Unbelievable!® Glass Xtra Concentrate for glass and metal surfaces to protect your vehicles’ exterior, and our Cleaning By Colors ® Fast Dry Upholstery Shampoo on your upholstery vehicle seats.

Manufacturing / Production

When it comes to the manufacturing and production sector, protecting your equipment with safe and healthy cleaning products is vital. Our Green Logic™ Surfactant-based Degreaser can remove oil residue and hydrocarbon buildups such as motor oil, tar, and fuel. And our Unbelievable!® Bathroom Cleaner works wonders on much more than just bathrooms. Clean your glass surfaces, windows, stainless steel, chrome, polished metal, ceramic tile, and much more!

Retail / Professional Services

The freshness of your office and retail space will create an unforgettable experience for your customers and clients. Our job is to make sure that unforgettable experience is a positive one that will make them want to return. That’s why, when it comes to providing products that keep your office and retail space fresh, healthy, and new, businesses choose Core Products. Made in house at our facility, our powerful disinfectants and scented cleaners are guaranteed to make your clients and employees alike happy to walk through your doors. Try our Hydroxi Pro® Encapsulating Spotter and Hydroxi Pro® Grout Smart™ cleaners to keep your office and retail space fresh every day.

Food Plant / Food Distribution

Extra care must be taken to keep your food plant and distribution facility, both clean and safe for your workers and customers. That’s why Core Products provides non-toxic, completely safe, and heavy-duty cleaners that are designed to keep your facility clean and free from disinfectants, while being gentle on the environment.

Restaurants & Hospitality

Restaurants, bars, hotels, and the like need a safe way to keep their facility clean and healthy for their customers and their employees. Core Products has the solution. Our Hydroxi Pro® Power Safe™ is a heavy-duty green cleaner designed to remove grime from ovens, refrigerators, microwaves, stainless steel, chrome, cabinets, countertops, ceramic tile, and more!