10 Benefits Of The Unbelievable!® Cleaning Power of Hydrogen Peroxide

We all have those vague memories of scraping a knee or an elbow as a child and dreading the moment the hydrogen peroxide made contact with our open wound. Some would cringe and look away, but others would sit and watch as the hydrogen peroxide bubbled away the germs and dirt. As children we don’t see the possibilities that this product has, but now that we’re all adults (or at least claim to be) we recognize the many uses for this everyday household item. That’s why here at Core Products Company, we chose to use hydrogen peroxide as the main fighting power for our HydrOxi Pro® product line.


Check out these 10 solid reasons you should use our hydrogen peroxide powered cleaning products:

1. Increased Safety For More Peace Of Mind

HydrOxi Pro® is lower in toxicity than a vast majoirty of cleaning products you see on store shelves. Most of these other cleaners contain harsh chemicals that are potentially dangerous and can cause serious harm.

Here’s a list of toxic substances we do NOT include in our HydrOxi Pro line

  • Harsh Acids
  • Alcohol
  • Ammonia
  • Chlorine Bleach
  • Dyes
  • Glycol Ethers
  • High pH Detergents
  • Phosphates
  • Quaternary Ammonium Compounds

2. Versatility For ALL Your Cleaning Needs

Our HydrOxi Pro® Concentrated Cleaner is the perfect product to cut out having dozens of individual products that can only manage to clean one surface at a time. Use the product that satisfies each cleaning task between two simple dilutions, and on top of that will out perform every other product you’ve ever purchased.

HydrOxi Pro Concentrated Cleaner with red and green spray bottles

3. Residue-Free Industrial Degreaser

Avoid using high pH detergents that leave behind a greasy, slippery residue. HydrOxi Pro® takes advantage of a natural degreaser – cold pressed orange oil. The result from using products with orange oil is a residue-free, grease-free surface – perfect for food service areas to increase traction and avoid unwanted slips and spills.

HydrOxi Pro Power Safe

4. Safe And Streak-Free For Glass Surfaces

Glass cleaners that contain alcohol tend to flash off of hot surfaces before you even get the chance to wipe them down. Our HydrOxi Pro® products don’t contain alcohol and have a neutral pH so there’s no reason to worry when cleaning hot windows nor is there any concern for etching or attacking any aluminum surfaces.

HydrOxi Pro Glass Smart

5. Clean And Restore Grout and Tile

The use of strong acids not only pose a threat to the person using the product, but are also corrosive to stones and metals. The HydrOxi Pro® formula uses the cleaning power of hydrogen peroxide to lift soils, stains, mold and mildew from tiles and grout without the use of harsh acids. Efficiently clean kitchens, bathrooms and unwaxed tile surfaces without unhealthy fumes invading your lungs or causing you harm in any other way.

6. A Complete Carpet Care Program

We brought together 6 different carpet cleaning processes and combined the properties of each product for each process into one single formula. Our 6-in-1 HydrOxi Pro® Carpet Cleaning Polymer uses hydrogen peroxide to zap away stains and hidden odors without damaging carpet fibers or upholstery. This HydrOxi Pro® product has conquered the ability to tackle 3 different actions into one unique formula, something that no other product on the market is capable of.

  • Surfactants in the formula clean fibers without leaving behind residue. Any sort of residue that’s left behind will only cause carpet fibers to soil that much faster after a cleaning.
  • Solvents erase tough stains caused by soda, coffee, wine, tea and other harsh stains that seem imossible to remove.
  • Hydrogen peroxide  removes other stains, de-browns fibers, destroys odors straight from the source and is completely color-safe. Hydrogen peroxide has the unbelievable power to brighten colors and whiten whites that have been previously soiled and need a good pick-me-up.

7. Eliminate Odors While You Clean

Since all the HydrOxi Pro® products contain hydrogen peroxide, you’re always going to be eliminating foul aromas while you clean. Hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidizer that works from the source to lift and zap away odors. Easily penetrate the surface to oxidize odorous soils and reduce bacteria from problems like urine, garbage and other organic odor-causing elements.

8. Low VOCs For Improved Air Quality

VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, isn’t a term that everyone is familiar with especially if you don’t clean for a living. These are gases that are emitted from certain solids and liquids that can cause serious harm to the health and well-being of those who come into contact with them. The CDC does a great job explaining VOCs on their website.

The HydrOxi Pro® line usese Orange Oil in low quantities to slice through grease and soil buildup. NO glycol ethers, alcohol, perfumes or other high VOC additives are used in any of these products. The health and safety of users is always the highest concern when it comes to any of Core’s products. 

9. Natural Orange Oil

Keeping VOCs in mind, the faint orange fragrance that comes from some of the HydrOxi Pro® line is completely organic. We don’t use artificial dyes or perfumes to get this citrus smell unlike some competing brands that are known to add terpenes that not only vary in quality but also fragrance. Pure and 100% natural Cold Pressed Orange Oil is the natural solvent in our products. Orange oil works to break down petroleum based residue on all surfaces.

10. Save Money & Time With Minimal Training

Since just about everyone should be familiar with the clear, bubbly liquid in that plain brown bottle you buy from the store, training is extremely simple and easy with all HydrOxi Pro® products. Through bilingual labeling and common, color-coded icons, you’ll be on your way to cleaning in no time. A simple program with Core’s hydrogen peroxide formulas make learning the products a breeze.

We compiled all this information into this awesome infographic for you! Feel free to print it out or do with it as you see fit for your business.