Don’t just cover up bad odors at your workplace - neutralize them!

Don’t just cover up bad odors at your workplace - neutralize them!

Most businesses need to address odor removal at some point in time. Bad odors in a facility affects not only the custodial staff and other employees, but also any members of the general public (potential or existing customers) who may enter the premises.

Sometimes the odor is simply a by-product of conducting business, and other times it is a symptom of a greater underlying issue. Regardless, The odor needs to be addressed.

Just like at home, some businesses “handle” their odor problems by covering up the odor, masking the bad smell with one more pleasant. But that doesn’t actually address the issue, and often smells unpleasant in its own way (people can often tell when you’re simply trying to cover up an bad odor by laying a thicker better odor on top of it).

Green Logic Odor Neutralizer isn’t designed to try to cover up bad smells – it addresses them directly. It oxidizes the odors – it’s a ‘neutralizer,’ not just an air freshener. This oxygen action with surfactant bonding eliminates organic odors.

Better still, Green Logic Odor Neutralizer is a “green” product. It neutralizes the odors without introducing any harmful chemicals which could cause injury to your staff or visitors. It’s non-toxic and alcohol free.

It works on:

    • Smoke
    • Food odors
    • Beverages
    • Pet odors
    • and more

And along with neutralizing the bad odors, Green Logic Odor Neutralizer also helps to remove allergens. That assists in making your facility a safer and more pleasant place for everyone on site.

Industrial cleansers and janitorial products are not one-size-fits-all. The best cleaner for one business may not meet the different needs of another company. At Core Products, we offer a wide variety of products to meet a wide variety of specialized needs. Give us a call at 800-825-2673 or email us at today. Let us know what your commercial cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing needs are, and we’ll be happy to recommend the right products for you.

We want to help you get your workplace clean and safe, and help you maintain it.


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