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Core Products has launched a new direct mail campaign. We will be mailing a new postcard out to all of our customers featuring certain products. We invite you to send us your mailing list and jump on the bandwagon.

February was our pilot test sending the HPC to nearly 500 schools. March we launched with the UPO and sent out nearly 5000 cards.


Our April one postcard will be RID’Z Odor Control, featuring French Vanilla, Mango, and Spice Green Tea.

We will be notifying our Reps with the leads that these cards generate. In addition we will publish a list of products and the dates that we will be mailing these cards. We also will be sending a similar email blast to match the postcards.You can send us your customers email list as well. We will do all the work for you.


Another new tool we are launching is the point of sale popup cards. These card feature the highlights of the product and include a QR code which directs the user to the landing page for that product.

Initial response has been positive. These cards are to be used where our products are show roomed. Please review your accounts and send a list of the ones that have showrooms. We will review their products and make the signs and clips to be sent out. Please forward that list to your Customer Service Rep Ivona at  or Terry at


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